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Streaming Hope Capital Campaign

Our campaign goal is to raise $360,000 by the end of September 2021.



As of 7/21/21, we have received commitments (pledges) of $365,849, of which we have received $361,804 in gifts.

50% of our giving units, (families), have committed, and/or given to the Streaming Hope capital campaign.

The average gift is $2079.

Capital campaign purchases are $245,930.

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Categories of Needs

Camera Equipment                                             $108,146
Audio Video/Streaming Equipment                  $82,229
Digital Storage Equipment                                    $9,649
Installation, Support, Warranties                        $24,995
Computers                                                              $54,799
Facilities – HVAC, Buildings, Grounds, etc       $80,000

Total Capital Needs                                             $359,818

The Stewardship Team asks that you prayerfully consider how much you can invest over the next 6 months, April through September. We are asking that you please give above your normal tithes and offerings.


Covid-19 created new challenges and opportunities for us to share God’s love with the world around us. Reaching people digitally has become a critical necessity. In the spring of 2020 we experienced significant issues with streaming our Sunday worship services. When we lose our video stream, our viewers usually go somewhere else instead of trying to reconnect with us.

The Trinity Productions team has done a remarkable job of identifying issues and keeping us streaming for now. If we lost the AC or Heat in the sanctuary, we would do everything we could to replace it immediately. We know that streaming to our viewers is as important, if not more important, than the temperature in the sanctuary on Sunday morning.

With the help of our Finance and Stewardship teams, we have identified the equipment that needs to be replaced and how we should replace it. A lot of the equipment is reaching the end of its useful life. Other equipment, like computers, needs to be replaced on a periodic basis, about every five to seven years.

Trinity has a  history of pioneering the use of technology to communicate the Gospel in San Antonio as well as around the world. Updating our technology equipment will enable Trinity to continue reaching out with a clear message of the Gospel.

If you have any questions concerning the capital campaign, please contact Robert Stein, Finance Manager at 210-733-6201.