Still Dependent on Amazing Grace

It was a wonderful privilege for Trinity to recently host the Catch the Boomer Wave conference sponsored by Texas Baptist. The keynote speakers were excellent and approximately 15 TBC members, as either conference participants or volunteers, were able to take advantage of at least some of the outstanding presentations.

One of those presenters was David Kinnaman, President of Barna Group in Ventura, California, and author of the bestselling books, You Lost Me and Unchristian. Since 1995 Kinnaman has polled more than 400,000 individuals in the areas of faith, religious trends, and the millennial age group.

Kinnaman reminded us that while people and God do not change, our cultures and tools and societies continue to change. For instance, “the screen age” that once looked like a single television set in a living room, now consists of numerous sizes, shapes, and types of screens. We have immediate access to any information we need, because the best human inventions of our time now fit in our pockets. This reality and other drastic changes in our world require us to keep updating our knowledge so we can learn how to navigate the times in which we live!

In my September Trumpet article I talked about the 10,000 individuals in the United States that are turning 65 every day and the fact that this reality will continue for 18 more years. According to Kinnaman, almost 3 out of 4 of those adults believe the resurrection happened, but “they are riding on a tricycle of faith”. Most “are Christianized, but not Christ followers”. They don’t know how to apply Christianity to their lives. These conclusions were drawn from survey responses to questions that compared “Actions like Jesus” to “Self-Righteous Actions” and “Attitudes like Jesus” to “Self-Righteous Attitudes”.

One in 6 unchurched Americans say they are “born-again Christians”. That’s 18 million people! To reach the Boomer generation and draw them back into the church, we have to “help them experience church in a new way”. They want to be involved in authentic relationships and ministries that demonstrate the relevance of the church in today’s context. The good news is that the essentials of our faith are still enough! We are all still dependent on the Amazing Grace of Christ and we have Good News to share.

My prayer is that God will continue to lead us to implement this GRACE in ways that speak to Boomers and to our world.