Please make sure to continue checking our website as we post TBC updates related to Covid-19. "Click Here" for our most recent updates.

Staff Announcements

March 20, 2020 2:00pm

TBC Update and Action Plan for Covid-19

Reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic creates a fluid situation which requires adaptability and thoughtfulness. Please continue to return to the latest information as we adapt to changes and requirements. Our leadership team sincerely appreciates your prayers and ask that you continue praying for wisdom and discernment regarding decisions that still need to be made.

Effective Monday, 3/23/2020, employees that have work to accomplish will begin working from home. There will be a small group of 3-4 administrative personnel that will continue to work and provide support from the Church offices. Most of the Facilities and Maintenance team will be working to improve the church environment for your health and safety when you return.

Non-exempt employees will receive their checks on 3/31 for time worked between 3/1-3/15/20. Exempt employees will receive a check based for work from 3/16 to 3/31/20.

Non-exempt employees should report hours worked through SwipeClock or turn your hours into your supervisor or Cheryl Reyes at who will enter your time into SwipeClock.  This could be a good time to use vacation or sick pay if it is available for you. Vacations should be approved by your supervisor who will assess if mission critical work can continue to be accomplished in your absence. Please continue to use TrackSmart for requesting vacation or sick time.

We are asking you to be good stewards of your time and the church’s resources while you work from home. This is a time for you to assist your supervisors with creative alternatives to minister to a hurting world. Supervisors are empowered to review their employees work plans and their progress and to assess that critical work and responsibilities are being accomplished. When all other tasks are completed, you may use your time to improve your skills and abilities through reading and on-line education. Please review with your supervisor for the appropriateness of your choices regarding work and education. We ask all employees working remotely to continue monitoring emails and phones for updates from leadership. Please help us to be in communication with our church members and community.

TBC phone calls will be monitored by our answering service who will call Pamela or Chasity. They will assist the caller or forward the callers contact information to the appropriate person to respond.

Please add this note as a footer or part of your signature for your emails. “In light of the current public health recommendations surrounding COVID-19, Trinity Baptist Church has asked it’s employees to conduct day-to-day work activities from home. Although I am working remotely, please know I am available to talk by phone and respond to email. You can also reach me at (210) 123-4567. We are assessing daily the best way to achieve our mission without compromising the health of our employees and members. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone impacted.”

We will discontinue distributing paper paystubs for everyone’s safety. To access your paystub online, go to  If you have never logged in before, you will use the following info:

User Name:  TRBC and your first initial and last name all in caps, i.e. TRBCCREYES

Password will be:  PAYROLL and the last four of your Social Security number., i.e. PAYROLL1234

For first time users, you will set up a new password and choose security questions.  After you choose your answers, there will be a small “Save” button that looks like a disk on the left.  Click the save disk to save your answers.

If you have problems, Cheryl can email you a copy of your paystub.  Contact Cheryl at

Please know that you are being covered in prayer by our pastors, staff and members. Mark Barr and Cheryl Reyes are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have if your  immediate supervisor is unable to help you. Please continue checking update information.

Mark Barr –

Cheryl Reyes –

If you need to come to the church for work related material or if you are asked to come to accomplish a task, please review the Covid-19 Emergency Operation Plans posted on our web page at Any employee on TBC property is required to follow the operation plans below.

March 20, 2020 12:30pm

Covid-19 Emergency Operation Plans

Guidelines if Access is Limited

Access and Security

  • Secure Buildings – use speaker radio at receptionist door by library.
  • Move Receptionist to an isolated area using speaker radio.
  • Deliveries, mail, etc. dropped or picked up at front door. 

Social Distancing and Work Practices

  • Non-core positions work from home.
  • Use phones instead of face to face for employee interactions.
  • Maintain social distance.
  • Do not enter offices, have conversation through doorway.
  • Use conference calls and video conferencing.
  • Use gloves for processing external paper: checks, invoices, etc.

Health Screening

  • Review sick leave policies and vacation time with employees.
  • Allow one hour increments for sick pay and vacation time.
  • Screen employee’s temperature daily and as needed.

Environmental Measures

  • Wash hands at least 20 seconds any time you come in contact with people or common surfaces.
  • Provide each office with sanitizer and towels.
  • Sanitize phones, keyboards, and workspaces throughout day.
  • Wear gloves to handle external all paperwork, i.e. checks, invoices, etc.

Communication and Education

  • Check website for updates for employees.
  • Use Microsoft “Teams” application (alternative to Slack), or use group text messaging. 

Meeting Practices

  • Use teleconference or video conference calls.
  • Use MS Skype or Zoom.