Soul Work

Can our souls get “out of shape?

Scripture: John 14:15-26

Yesterday I was sitting in Local Coffee basking in all of the positive endorphins released from a jog that morning. I realized how much more alive, and awake my physical being has felt over the last two months of almost daily jogging. It got me wondering what the equivalent spiritually might be for our lives.

Does our soul atrophy? Does it become inflexible by empty ritual, traditionalism, or judgmentalism? Does it become obese (weighed down) with shame, anxiety, or anger? Does our soul become malformed by spiritual pride or warped from apathy? Does our soul lose deep breathing capacity to inhale (take in new spiritual insights from our every day surroundings) and exhale (expel regularly what has become toxic to our being)? How do we participate in soul work? These are questions I haven’t been able to shake.

We live in a world of experts. Those with the proper resources always want to consult with a leader in his or her field. In Palestine during the first century, Jesus of Nazareth garnered a reputation for being a remarkable spiritual leader. As he sensed his life lived on earth was coming to an end he began to share freely with his apprentices that he would be leaving them soon. The astounding thing is that Jesus promised his apprentices that his physical departure would ultimately be to their benefit!

Jesus promised that upon his physical departure he would send a spiritual Companion to be interwoven into our lives. This abiding Presence of God teaches, brings to remembrance, and deepens all the wisdom of the Jesus Way.

For some of us, our souls may be telling us they long for an abiding Presence of God to renew, reclaim, remake, redirect, and refresh our lives. For some of us, our souls might be telling us we have drifted far off course and we need to listen again to the still small promptings of the Spirit’s leading in our lives. For some of us, our souls might be telling us there is something more, something other for us to direct our lives toward. Have you listened to your soul lately? What is it telling you?

Jesus promised all of those who trusted their lives to his leadership that God’s Spirit would lead us. Are you listening to God’s Spirit? How are you being invited to respond this week?