SOAK this Friday and Praying Beyond What’s Proper

“I wanted people to start praying [the Psalms] again, not just admiring them from a distance, and thereby learn to pray everything they experienced and felt and thought as they followed Jesus, not just what they thought was proper to pray in church.” – Eugene Peterson


It’s easy to default into only acknowledging or sharing the parts of our experience deemed socially acceptable or appropriate for church consumption. Yet Jesus invites us to grow in vulnerability, risk, trust through formative experiences of deep spiritual encounter and faith community. That’s why I hope you’ll consider taking part in a small group that begins this week. They’re a perfect place to form relationships where you can share the larger truth of your life in a caring community shaped by God’s Word. This Friday, I hope you’ll consider joining us for SOAK and inviting a friend for a night of extended musical worship that we pray will lead to a deep spiritual encounter of the Living God. This Sunday, Pastor Les begins a new series in Psalms that will deepen our life of prayer over the long haul.