Sharing the Easter Promise by Les Hollon

Sharing the Easter Promise by Les Hollon

We are an Easter people. We live in the truth and power of Christ’s resurrection. Your offerings fuel the capacity of our ministries to share the Easter promise with others.

Our recent worship from Palm Sunday through Easter reveals how Christ is pulsating through us – girls & boys, women & men, individuals & families, new & old. We are stirred by an undying passion. We know Christ is risen. And that makes all the difference.

As Jaxon said during his recent baptism, I want my heart to be a map where people can find Jesus as “the way, the truth, and the life.” As John demonstrated in his baptism, God calls us to turn around and come back to our true home with Him. Their witness illustrates how Christ is working through our 100+ ministries to transform lives as a caring family of believers.

As you prayerfully look at your generosity level, know that your contributions help make the Easter message known year-round. On behalf of hundreds impacted by your offerings at Mulberry, Alpha Home, TriPoint, and our ripple effect into the world – thank you!

Encourage others to know the joy you know by giving generously. Trinity Baptist Church is your gospel investment in our hurting world.