Current Sermon Series

How on earth can we meet the demands of our daily life? Everyday faith heroes answer that question by trusting God in everything they do, during each and every day. Which is why Christ gave us the Lord’s Prayer. By learning how this prayer was lived out by Christ we will know how to live by this prayer in our daily lives. And in the process God will grow us into everyday heroes.

During May & June pray this prayer daily by asking God to empower you to live out the prayer’s meaning. God will then stretch you into His purposes, and grow you into the person who will embody for others what this prayer means.

Each sermon asks a question of the prayer. Everyday heroes know how to answer the questions by faithfully living the Prayer of all prayers.

May 7 – “Our Father?” Luke 15:17-24

God, who created all of us, works for all of us to be winners in life. To make this clear, Jesus used ABBA when calling out God’s name – which can be translated “daddy”. God is our tender & tough heavenly Daddy. Like the Prodigal Son, we need to come to our senses and not live as spiritual orphans.
(Christopher Mack Preaching at Crossings)

May 14 – “We Are Not Home Yet ” John 14:1-6

What is heaven like? How can I know whether or not I will be in heaven? When we die what happens to us? Jesus shows how these and other questions that we ask ourselves can be answered as we learn how God connects heavenly powers into our earthly affairs.

May 21 – “Why & For Whom Are You Living Your Life?” John 4:19-26; Matthew 22:18-25
If we don’t worship God, we might worship anyone or anything. Getting worship right helps us to get everything else right. How does God want to be worshiped? How do we worship? What if the two don’t connect?…Jesus shows us how we can know the joy of true worship – the holy experience of encountering God.

May 28 – “ Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven?” Luke 18:1-84 Understanding and living God’s will is possible but not easy. We find ourselves asking, “Is it really possible to live a heavenly life on earth or is Jesus just messing with us?
(Christopher Mack Preaching at Crossings)