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Pastor Les Hollon - May 2, 2021

Where Will Your Dreams Take You?

From Series: "Joseph: Growing Into God's Dreams"

How do you realize your personal dreams? God’s hopes for your life include all that is best for you and how you can be a blessing by helping other people to realize their dreams. For this to happen we must give the Lord the desires of our heart so that the dreams of our heart will be trustworthy. We find how this works by taking in one of the greatest stories of the Bible, Genesis 37-50. It is the story of Joseph - the great grandson of Abraham & Sarah, the grandson of Isaac & Rebekah, and the son of Jacob & Rachel. His father was given the name Israel. What a distinctive family heritage Joseph came from, seemingly a one-of-a-kind family. It was Joseph, if anyone who could have accurately said,—“I am more important than others. I don’t need personally to yield my life to the Lord. My dreams are my dreams alone. They don’t have to be in service of God’s bigger hopes. I can do what I want, when I want, as I want.” But Joseph had to learn that his uniqueness could only be realized as he committed himself to grow in the ways of God and in the service of others. He was transformed from an arrogant person of great talent into a dynamic person whose talents would bless the world. Joseph leaned into his faith, learned his faith, and lived his faith. How he did what he did is the stuff of legends: His dreams. His coat of many colors. His brothers selling him into slavery. His forced walk across Egypt. His rise to influence in Potiphar’s house. His refusal of Potiphar’s wife. His being imprisoned under false charges. His dream interpretations. His rise to power in Egypt. His saving a nation, a region from starvation. His reconciliation with his brothers. His reunion with his father. His impact on Pharaoh. All of this and more became his story. My messages in May will connect us to God’s dreams so that your best dreams can be realized in everyday life.

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