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Pastor Les Hollon - June 7, 2020

"Seeing Your Life Resources Differently"

Acts 3:1-10

Scripture References: Acts 3:1-10

From Series: "Acts (June - November 2020)"

Sermon Series by Pastor Les Hollon “GOD, WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?” (Case Studies from Acts) We, and I mean everybody, are trying to figure out what the future looks like in light of the massive changes brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic – and the urgent need to heal our racial wounds. God shows us how by shining enough light on today so we can see the trail leading to tomorrow. Then with faith we pursue the future boldly & humbly. People of biblical faith have had to rise to these kind of challenges in the past. The Spirit who guided them forward is guiding us forward. My next 5 sermons are based from lessons shown in the opening chapters of Acts. Why? Because in this remarkable account we see how first century Christians learned as they lived. With courageous faith they figured it out along the way by trusting God’s promises. Their examples form case studies that teach us today.

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