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Pastor Les Hollon - September 11, 2016

The Day We Will Never Forget

The Day We Will Never Forget Revelation 1:9-20

From Series: "Revelation: Seeing God's Big Picture (September - October 2016)"

In a present set of circumstances we can feel overwhelmed. But if we take a fresh look by stepping back, everything comes more clearly into view. Faith enables us to look at what is going on from the bigger & better position - God’s point of view. Reading the Bible’s last book, Revelation, is the bold and humbling vantage of seeing everything with the revealed vision of what God showed to a faithful Christian leader by the name of John. John was exiled to an island called Patmos by a cruel Roman Emperor. And there God revealed that the ancient struggle of - good vs. evil, love vs. hate, hope vs. despair, grace vs. sin - becomes clearer when we see Christ ultimately defeating Satan. God wins in the end. And by knowing this we are renewed to deal with our present difficulties through the same power by which resurrection defeated crucifixion. Christ said, “Fear not. I have overcome. Peace be with you.” So in the midst of our troubled times, let’s allow God freshly to reveal His big picture to us. Which is why my Fall Sermon Series comes from God’s highlights as seen from Revelation.

Revelation 1:9-20     Sermon Notes

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