Current Sermon Series

Messages from the Sermon on the Mount

“Virtue is the habit of holy excellence…” – Richard Foster

The Beatitudes are a pathway for us to grow in godliness, and godliness is the truest form of our humanity. The beatitudes are essential ways for us to grow in Christ. Consequently, we should be able to see from Christ’s life the ways that He embodied these virtues so that we can develop them as holy habits in our lives. By looking into the face of Jesus, as He preached e Sermon On the Mount (Matthew 5-7), we get a clear view of virtue’s power and charm. What are the results of a virtuous life?

Jan.1 – Hearing God’s Call In the New Year Matthew 2:13-23

Jan. 8 – CHARACTER: Changing the World By First Changing Ourselves | Matthew 5:1-12, 48

Jan. 15 – EFFECTIVENESS: Changing the World Around You | Matthew 5:13-17, 48

Jan. 22 – OBEDIENCE TO GOD’S PURPOSES: Disciplining Your Desires By Wanting What You Need In God’s Kingdom | Matthew 5:18-42

Jan. 29 – LOVING DIFFICULT PEOPLE: Strengthening Your Kingdom Capacity To Impact People | Matthew 5:43-47

Feb. 5 – A PRAYERFUL LIFE: Leaning Into God’s Presence | Matthew 6:1-13 Christopher at Crossings

Feb. 12 – RECONCILIATION: Speak Healing Words To Heal Hurting People | Matthew 6:14-15

Feb. 19 – FASTING TO FACE GOD: Purifying Our Heart To See God | Matthew 6:16-18 Christopher Mack preaching at Crossings

Feb. 26 – FREEDOM FROM THINGS: A Cure For Materialism | Matthew 6:19-34

Mar. 5 – ADAPTING WITHOUT APPROVING: Making Good Decisions When Things Are Wrong Matthew 7:1-6

Mar. 12 – PRAYERFUL ACTION: Don’t Be Afraid To Act On God’s Promises | Matthew 7:7-12

Mar. 19 – FOCUS: Finding & Taking Your Pathway Matthew 7:13-14 Christopher Mack preaching at Crossings

Mar. 26 – LEGACY: Living A Worthy Life Matthew 7:15-23