Sermon: Romantic Love

Romantic Love: Getting the Love You Need by Giving the Love You Want

February 14, 2016

Scripture: John 4:4-19

(The conversation between Jesus and the woman at the well shows how to recover when we’ve searched for love in “all the wrong places”. Romantic love, to be sustainable, must be rooted in agape love. Following is one story of Jesus showing how to do this.)

4:4-9 Tension emerged. Jesus used the tension to tease out a conversation that would uniquely reveal to the Samaritans that the Messiah had come to visit them at Jacob’s well. The woman was surprised by Jesus in several ways. The first was that he, a Jew, would speak to her, a Samaritan woman. The ultimate surprise would be revealed in 4:26. How does Jesus surprise you?

4:10-14 The more we know of Christ the more fully we can experience the fullness of Christ in our lives. Jesus stretched the woman’s ability to understand Him so she could grasp the true identity of the person to whom she was talking. Standing at Jacob’s well naturally raised the question how Jesus compared to Jacob, the patriarch who was renamed Israel? What or whom is the “living water”? The “living water” will eternally quench your thirst for ___? Are you thirsty?

4:15-26 Jesus moved the conversation forward. He connected one insight to another insight that astonished the woman into seeing Jesus as a prophet. But was he the Messiah? And what did this have to do with the worship wars between the Samaritans and the Jews? Where was the truest place to worship God, Jerusalem or Gerazim?John 4:26 The crescendo arrived when Jesus fully revealed “I am the Messiah”!

4:27-42 The disciples returned from food shopping so they could get on with their return trip to Galilee. Shocked. They pressed Jesus to explain himself. Why was he talking to this woman? The woman wanted no part of the disciple’s scathing criticism. So she retuned to her hometown to show everyone how Jesus knew her secret guilt and public shame but still loved her. Consequently she was becoming a changed woman. Would the town people accept her? The woman turned from being a receiver to a giver. She returned to her community, who had rejected her, to tell them I have talked with the Messiah. She invited them to share in the joy of “living water”. They believed, having witnessed the power of love.

Pastor Les Hollon - February 14, 2016

ROMANTIC LOVE: Getting the Love You Need By Giving the Love You Want

Romantic Love: Getting the Love You Need By Giving the Love You Want - John 4:4-19

From Series: "How Is Your Love Life? (February - March 2016)"

Life is about love, and love is about relationships. To grasp love we must be grasped by love. God loves us and when we decide to trust in and receive that love, that is when we have the resource to truly learn how to love.

John 4:4-19     Sermon Notes: Romantic Love

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