Sermon Palm Sunday: Sir, I Would See Jesus Now

Palm Sunday! Walk with Jesus as you sing hosannas. Your walk gives meaning to your song. The more we are with Jesus the more we understand Him, and in turn the more we know how to be with Him. How is your walk?

On the first Palm Sunday, for various reasons, almost everyone wanted to be with Jesus. On Good Friday of the same week, almost no one wanted to be with Jesus. What made the dramatic difference?

We learn how to be with Jesus by following Him. We feel the joy of His presence and the wonder of His guidance by following His lead. In today’s passage and sermon we learn how to take the next step in being with Jesus.


  • God always wins. Eventually. In Revelation 7:9 we read about the ultimate fulfillment of Palm Sunday.
  • Hosanna is a short prayer of praise, translated, “God save us”. (Psalm 118:25) Literally it means “save”.
  • Palm branches were a sign of renewed worship (Leviticus 23:40; Ezekiel 40-48). And for some it was a symbol of revolution as palms were used on the shekel in remembrance of the earlier Maccabean revolt, which was a misinterpretation of Psalm 118:26.
  • During early Christianity, a practice began to burn palm branches after their use on Palm Sunday and to use those ashes for next year’s Ash Wednesday.
  • Jesus entered Jerusalem from the Gate prepared for the Messiah, the East Gate.
  • The more we follow Jesus the more we understand Him. The “we did not understand then but understand now” of John 12:16 was highlighted elsewhere in John (2:22; 14:26; 21:22-25).
  • The term “Glorify” of John 12:16 was a thread woven through this Gospel (7:39; 8:54; 11:4; 12:23,28; 13:31-32; 14:13; 16:14; 17:1,5; 21:19). Glorify meant to make known, to reveal God’s full & majestic identity.

Pastor Les Hollon - March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday: Sir, I Would See Jesus Now.

Palm Sunday: Sir, I Would See Jesus NOW John 12:12-26

From Series: "How Is Your Love Life? (February - March 2016)"

Life is about love, and love is about relationships. To grasp love we must be grasped by love. God loves us and when we decide to trust in and receive that love, that is when we have the resource to truly learn how to love.

John 12:12-26     Sermon Notes

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