Sermon Friends With God, Friends With Each Other

Charles Goodnight was a legendary Texas rancher who knew how to be a loyal friend. In 1866, a former slave by the name of Bose Ikard hooked up with Goodnight. They gained each other’s trust through shared values and bonding experiences. In 1929, Goodnight delivered the eulogy at Ikard’s grave by saying, “…Served with me four years on the Goodnight-Loving Trail, never shirked a duty or disobeyed an order, rode with me in many stampedes, participated with me in three engagements with Comanches, splendid behavior.”

Goodnight highlighted that a person’s character is revealed through: 1) fulfilling one’s responsibilities; 2) loyalty to a noble purpose; 3) faithfulness in sustained relationships. Ikard’s 64 year friendship assisted Goodnight in forming 5 cattle trails, developing a major ranch, sprouting a town, providing safety for the Panhandle region, and making the transition from the era of one century to the next.

Trinity friendships also grow through time by shared spiritual experiences which bond us. Friendships are among the greatest treasures God allows us to form on earth. Friendships form in our church in such a way that we become a faith family – the Trinity family. New and old are in spiritual friendships that are shaped by a common effort for spiritual growth, and spiritual service. We forge our future by being faithful to God, one another, and reaching out thru new friendships to children, youth, and adults. We renew ourselves through our common friendship in Christ, “I no longer just call you servant but friend…” (John 15:14-15).

Let’s joyfully be : 1) praying for & encouraging one another (Heb. 10:24-25); 2) connecting with people who sit around us in worship; 3) participating in friendship groups like a Sunday School class and/or small group; 4) serving together by using our talents & passion; 5) inviting friends to Trinity experiences so they can know the joy of belonging to “a caring family of believers”.

One of Vicki’s & my greatest joys is growing in friendship with you. Each time, for instance, when we host a Sunday School class, our house becomes more of a home because of the shared experience. As we open ourselves to each other, God bonds our hearts in the joy of friendship. We need each other for we are in this call of life together.

Pastor Les Hollon - November 8, 2015

Do You Feel Secure?

Do You Feel Secure? - Job 29:1-20 | Focus: “How I long... for the days when God watched over me.” Job 29:2

From Series: "Breakthrough Living: Moving from Brokenness to Healing, Trouble to Triumph (November 2015)"

Job shows us how to respond when bad things happen to good & bad people, and in good & bad situations. Job is a profound biblical book with a message for our lives today. Our world is in trouble. We know it. We feel it. We've got troubles of our own, you do. I do. And in the midst of our troubles, God is present. God is a promise maker and a promise keeper. Our troubles become the means by which God catches our full attention so we will update our trust in Him, receive His power, and respond to the challenges which confront us. Therefore my November message series in Job is "BREAKTHROUGH LIVING: Moving From Brokenness To Healing, Trouble & Triumph." Be prayerfully reading Job, all 42 chapters.

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