Sermon The Day We Will Never Forget

The 15th Anniversary of 9/11 is today. On that day we said, this is a “day that we will never forget.” If you were school age or older, you know where you were on that 9/11.

Key days in world history reach into our lives with a force that shapes our personal history. How did that 9/11 shape you? Our world? How did and does your faith give shape to that crisis? What hope was and is God wanting to build in our lives because of that crisis?

For a season, the crisis of that 9/11 brought us closer together as Americans. For a while there was a collective pain, a unifying hope that bridged our individual differences, where we could look out for each other with caring eyes and helping hands. What happened?

Crises create openings for sustained change but they are not the sustaining source by which change is sustained. Good change requires God’s goodness to center us in a power that is beyond us. His power. With God’s love we can heal hurts and build hope. Without God’s love, our hurts deepen, and our hopes turn into despair.

At the close of the first century, when the Roman Emperor Domitian decreed that all the Empire should include him as one of the gods that they worship – John and other Christians said NO. In response the Empire tried to intimidate them, using force. John, an old man and long time Christ follower, was exiled. In that crisis God revealed a message which guides us today. It begins with Christ saying, I am the Alpha and Omega, all that was before creation, and is now, and will be. (The focused truth of last week’s sermon.) Then Christ gave the second big word, Do not be afraid… I hold the keys of death and Hades.

What this means for us is the focus of today’s sermon:

Pastor Les Hollon - September 11, 2016

The Day We Will Never Forget

The Day We Will Never Forget Revelation 1:9-20

From Series: "Revelation: Seeing God's Big Picture"

In a present set of circumstances we can feel overwhelmed. But if we take a fresh look by stepping back, everything comes more clearly into view. Faith enables us to look at what is going on from the bigger & better position - God’s point of view. Reading the Bible’s last book, Revelation, is the bold and humbling vantage of seeing everything with the revealed vision of what God showed to a faithful Christian leader by the name of John. John was exiled to an island called Patmos by a cruel Roman Emperor. And there God revealed that the ancient struggle of - good vs. evil, love vs. hate, hope vs. despair, grace vs. sin - becomes clearer when we see Christ ultimately defeating Satan. God wins in the end. And by knowing this we are renewed to deal with our present difficulties through the same power by which resurrection defeated crucifixion. Christ said, “Fear not. I have overcome. Peace be with you.” So in the midst of our troubled times, let’s allow God freshly to reveal His big picture to us. Which is why my Fall Sermon Series comes from God’s highlights as seen from Revelation.

Revelation 1:9-20     Sermon Notes

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