Seeking God With Purpose

During the past month, I have been reflecting on several passages that have a common theme around sight and God; more specifically keeping our eyes on God during times where we either do not know what to do or need guidance from God. Our basic belief, of course, and what we have learned from scripture is that we need God and require his guidance all of the time. However, as independent, free will creatures we many times lose that focus or do not rely on God in the way that he commanded.

A few verses I have come across lately that help me reflect on who God is and how my vision and focus should be on him are the following:

Psalm 141:8 “For my eyes are toward you, O God, the Lord…”

1 Samuel 12:16 “Even now, take your stand and see this great thing which the Lord will do before your eyes.”

2 Chronicles 20:12 “For we are powerless before this great multitude who are coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are on You.”

These verses come from three very different contexts but there is similarity in how the people speaking or the people who were present are seeking God and watching Him do what only He can do. The verse from Psalm 141 is a prayer, while the 1 Samuel verse is a prophet speaking to prepare the people of Israel for something amazing God is about to do in an unexpected way.  The verse from 2 Chronicles concerns a situation where the people feel powerless and their only hope is in God’s deliverance.  I would highly recommend that you read all three passages in their entirety but not with the intention of comparing how they are similar but with an “eye” on how, in very different situations, God will do so much more than we can imagine on our own if we seek Him and keep our eyes on Him.

It is hard to believe, but we are already entering into ministry planning and budget planning for our next fiscal year. As we move forward, please pray with us and for our church that we will keep our eyes on God and that we will seek his wisdom and discernment as we move forward.