Seeing God in New Ways

J.B. Phillip’s classic, “Your God Is Too Small,” was first published in 1961. I remember reading it years later when I was a teenager. After preaching one night of a weekend revival, I was then asked to preach a week long revival, to be held two months later. It was challenge enough to put together one sermon, but eight?! I had a lot to learn – and fast.

The seemingly overwhelming task brought me to my knees and kept me there. The more I learned, the more I realized there was more for me to learn. Phillip’s book, now a classic, revealed to me a pathway by which this learning could best happen. Let God be God in the awareness that I can never fully understand all there is to know about God. God is ALWAYS MORE than I can know or imagine and faith grows by not limiting God to my meager human abilities.

Our name, TRINITY, acknowledges our awareness of God’s bigness. God is so powerful, so wonderful that one name can’t fully describe God. God comes to us as Creator, Christ, and Spirit. During this holy-day season, let faith grow you into the height, depth, and breadth of God’s fullness.