Seasons of Life

I almost did not write a final Trumpet article because I do not like things to end, but my time here at Trinity has come to an end. I had not planned it this way. It was our intention to stay for the long haul here in San Antonio with Trinity but it seems that God’s plan is different from ours. It happens and it has happened before. We seek wisdom and discernment from God and we believe with all of our heart that we are heading in the right direction. Then God steps in and we move on. We pack things up, sell our home and move on through the next door to the next season of life. Unlike the seasons on calendars the seasons of life have no set timeframe. Our seasons are fluid, which teaches us to hold loosely to our own plans, goals and dreams, so that we can follow God and honor him through what we do.

Trinity Baptist Church is entering its own new season. Any time there is a change in staff, new doors are open and new seasons begin. I am grateful that Trinity is entering this new season healthy and poised for growth to further the Kingdom of God here in San Antonio and around the world.

My last lesson in the Friendship class was about Paul and his third journey to Jerusalem. He quickly moves by boat and by foot from Miletus to Caesarea eventually making his way to Jerusalem. It is a quick journey for Paul and his companions and he his determined to follow the direction he has been given by God to return to Jerusalem. As he leaves each city along his journey the people do not want him to go, because they are aware of the persecution and possible death that he will face once he reaches Jerusalem.

Agabus and others warn him of what awaits him, and Paul takes what they say seriously. He actually says what they are saying to him breaks his heart. He obviously loves the people that he has served with and spent time with, but he knows that he has a larger mission to fulfill. Paul knows he will face persecution in Jerusalem but he does not know the full story. He knows he has a mission but does not know all of the mission will consist of. As N.T. Wright writes, “the Spirit gives people enough information to know what is likely to await them but leaves them with the responsibility of deciding whether or not to go anyway.” Paul knew just enough to know that he had a larger mission to accomplish and he had the faith and trust in God to know that he could face the unknown with God. He knew enough that he was obedient to the call of God. His obedience drove him forward.

I am in no way trying to equate us returning to Houston to Paul’s journey to Jerusalem. However, I do see similarities in the work of the Spirit. We believe the Spirit is leading us back to Houston. We have tried to leave Houston many times before but have always returned back. Maybe God is trying to tell us something. A new door has opened for us and based on the amount of information that we have been given by the Spirit, we believe it is our time to step through the door and begin a new season of life back in Houston. We could have decided not to go but we believe we would be missing out on the work God has created us to do. We trust in God because He can see the larger picture, and though it is difficult to leave friends behind, we know that we have made the right step in the right direction.

We are grateful for your love and support during the past three years and will deeply miss you.