How do you relax? What do you look forward to when you find yourself thinking about something else other than what you are doing?  This summer will you have a staycation or a vacation to recharge your batteries? When necessary, to what do you look forward to  get through what you are in the middle of? How do you relax along the way of living your life?

These are questions we all ask ourselves. Following are five keys for finding our best answers:

  • ENJOY the moment or most of them. Hopefully you enjoy your work. I am grateful for how much joy I find in my work. But that 80/20 rule hits most of us. That is find something you enjoy for 80% of your work and let that joy fuel you for the other 20% that is less enjoyable.
  • USE marginal moments to relax. That is when you are between responsibilities, use that minute or those minutes to breathe deeply, playfully pray about God’s possibilities, and lay aside any fears.
  • HOME life means that when we pull into the driveway at the end of the work day, that our responsibilities aren’t done – they are just different. Take a brief break before you do what home life needs from you.
  • CURIOSITY is God’s gift for us to relax by engaging a good story- whether in a book, movie, conversation, nature, project, or game.  Just make sure that you focus your curiosity in healthy ways.
  • TEST your way of relaxing with time and truth. You should feel the benefit for an extended time and it should ready you for your typical responsibilities. It also should not connect you to any addictions as coping mechanisms.

The majesty and wonder of God creates marvelous ways for us to re-create our lives . Read Psalm 8 for more insight.