Relationships that Matter

I just returned from a Children’s Literature Symposium at Oxford University in England. Each presenter at the conference was tasked to address a current trend, problem, or issue facing us as a global community of educators dealing with children. As I listened to speakers, I found a common thread that linked everyone’s issues together. No matter the issue, problem or trend, the common element was the need for children to have consistent, positive relationships in their formative years.

Research has shown that even one positive influence in a child’s life can have a profoundly positive impact. As I was listening to all of these presentations I thought about how faith communities should be on the front lines of this initiative.

Each Sunday morning at Trinity there are Christian adults on both of our campuses, Mulberry and Tripoint, wanting to connect in a spiritual relationship with your child. Not only do these leaders want to teach your child about God, they also want to enter into a healthy relationship with your child. So faith communities can be a Win/Win in helping children become the spiritual adults that as parents we pray they will become.

Win #1 Children learn about God and how to relate with Him, how they fit into the Biblical story for their lives.

Win #2 While learning about God they are also developing relationships with caring adults that can have a significantly positive impact in their lives.

Please think about the great value attending Sunday school can have in the life of your child. We are here ready to join in the great journey of a faith relationship with your child.