Reflecting on Family

During this Christmas season, I have been reflecting a lot about family. You see, my views of family are a little different from most ‘normal’ views of what family looks like.

My parents divorced when I was a freshman in high school. So, I mainly remember being raised by a single mother. While this was very difficult, I knew that I could rely on others around me to give me a sense of family when things got hard. Family, to me, is very important, and it is more than likely very important to you too.

As I reflect on family during Christmas time, I am reminded that family is all around us. We have our immediate family, and we have our extended family, like those crazy aunts and uncles we all have. We have our church family, and we have our friends who feel like family. Our family always grows, and it is important for it to grow.

The Student Ministry, over the last four months, have been praying for each other. They have been put into prayer groups sharing their strengths and weaknesses and continuing to pray for each other during the school year. They are leaning on each other through tough times and it’s amazing to see their growth in their prayer life. They have come together as a family. Each student comes with their own role. In the family that is the Student Ministry, you have Juniors and Seniors taking the role of grandparents, the wise ones. You have Freshman and Sophomores, who are our parents looking to bring up our youngsters. And then there are the Middle Schoolers who are the future of the Student Ministry… sound familiar?

First Corinthians 12:18 says, “But in fact, God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.” God is amazingly sovereign; He knows our strengths and He knows our weaknesses. He knows our future and even though He knows our past, He is not too concerned with the mistakes we have made. Enter grace. God has placed each of us into a specific family, where we can learn and grow and pray for each other. Christmas is the season for a lot of things, most importantly remembering the birth of our Savior. It is also the season for giving. I encourage you to give your time, give you heart to others, give your love to those in your family that need a little or a lot of love. I encourage you to give your family the care and attention that we all need during this time. I love seeing families in worship together, growing and strengthening in the Lord together as one.

God has put us all together at Trinity Baptist Church to learn from one another, to pray for one another, to be with one another. May we relish in the gift that God has given us, family. May we not take each other for granted, but see the beauty in knowing we are all family. May God bless you this season and bless your entire family.

In love,
Ethan Getrost