Present and Future

The Student Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church is alive and vibrant, it is full of joy and strength found in Christ, filled with students who are constantly pursuing the Savior. And we as a church and as the leadership surrounding these students want to continue that work and grow into more. We believe in four fundamental truths that will lead us into this year and many years to come. ose being: a relentless pursuit of Jesus, building relationships, shaping ministry to shape lives, and developing adult leadership.

The most important quality of a thriving ministry is Christ as our focus. As Student Ministry leaders we want to live life with students, talking about the hard issues they face, being with them in their moments of weakness and being their shoulder to cry on, always pointing towards Jesus. We are slow to anger and quick to remind them of God’s grace and love. We are real with them and show them the utmost respect and authenticity. Always striving to preach the Word of God, to teach them to pursue Jesus with everything they have. We seek to minister to the lost and help them into a relationship with Him by providing discipleship to them. We have set our focus, and it is on Jesus. We will always keep Christ as our rm, unwavering foundation. We will not be xed on the show but we will be focused on why we are there. Everything we do and will do in the Student Ministry as set and focused on making much of Jesus.

We as student ministry leaders always strive to meet our students right where they are in life, relating to them and loving on them through their struggles, building relationships with them and loving their families. We want to connect with their heart and show them the love of the Father. A strong way to build trust in a student’s life is to do what we say we are going to do. Never speak empty promises into their lives. We must be a Godly witness to them by living out God’s word. Practicing what we preach. And so, we lean into the Word to seek God’s will for our lives, so that we may be able to build a foundation of stability and consistency in their lives by being rooted and grounded in the work of Jesus.

Teenagers love to be wow’d! I think we all do to some degree. ere are many moments in life in which we are caught or nd ourselves in awe. We seek to provide the best quality and the absolute most relatable programing for our teenagers, which include Sunday School, MidWEEK Service, Disciple Now, and Mission Trips. We also seek to provide them with adequate volunteer numbers to provide a more personal experience for them. Having a set number of adults per students allows us to minister to more students more intimately. As our action team sets goals we are focused and ready to accomplish them. e leadership in the Student Ministry wants to see spiritual growth as well as numerical growth. We are willing to put in the work to provide the most excellent quality programs possible. We will shoot for the stars and dream big! We will anticipate growth by planning for growth, always moving forward.

As the Student Ministry, we want to enlist and empower people in the church to help and grow an already thriving ministry. We know that to grow we need a supporting cast in order to reach students where they are. By empowering specific people to do specific tasks with the students we allow volunteers to thrive and develop while being and remaining active with our students. We aim to cast a large net across the church to seek and nd those who are interested in serving and living life with our students. We look at adult leadership from all walks of life, like our older adults who help mentor the students through our connections program. As the Student Ministry, we are committed to provide excellent training moments to develop more leaders to know how to specically work with teenagers. As well as providing equally as important training for parents. is is the present work and the future work we are doing to develop more adult leadership.

Ethan Getrost