Prayers for May 2016

As we prepare for National Day of Prayer, may we be fervent and dedicated in our prayers for our nation. May we daily offer ourselves to be men and women of reconciliation and kindness everywhere we go. We pray for Trinity to be known as a house of prayer. (Isaiah 56:7)

Pray for the church-wide town hall meeting on May 1. Pray for good attendance, active participation, open discussion and clear understanding of all that is presented. Pray we will be a committed people. (Ephesians 4:3)

Pray for Staff Appreciation Lunch on May 3. May our staff feel valued and loved. May we pray for each one daily by name and encourage them on a regular basis, reminding them of our support and care. (Ephesians 1:16)

Pray for the community-wide National Day of Prayer breakfast at TriPoint Grantham Center on Thursday, May 5. Pray for this morning of prayer, friendship and celebration of blessings and supplications for our community and nation. (Isaiah 58:1a)

Pray for Pastoral Staff Retreat on May 9-11. Pray for a good time of fellowship and planning. Pray for deepened relationships and God-centered conversations. Pray each will return refreshed and renewed. (Matthew 25:21)

Pray for the Amazing Ladies Tea on Saturday, May 14. Pray for many first-time attendees. Pray new connections will be made and for a time of fellowship and encounters with our Lord. May it be a blessing for everyone who attends. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Pray for our graduating seniors as we honor and celebrate them on May 15. Commit to pray for each one by name. Pray they will seek the Lord and be obedient and make wise choices. (Psalms 119:9)

Pray for Bountiful Blessings Ministry on May 21. Pray for those who are recipients to see Jesus in those serving. Pray lives are impacted for good and our Lord is honored. (Mark 8:6)

Pray for Sunday School Leadership Appreciation Day on May 22. Pray for the administrators, outreach leaders, and the many who faithfully prepare and teach God’s word each week. Pray for their study and preparation time. May they have special insight and anointing by God. May each be blessed for time given. ((Psalm 119:105)

Pray for Special Faith Family Nights on May 18 and May 25. Pray for the Comedy Night presentations and the Children’s Musical. May each of these events be well-attended and have enthusiastic participation. (Philemon 1:6)