Prayer and World History

70 years ago, President Truman’s mother and sister prayed for him. They prayed because he asked them to pray during the Wednesday Prayer Service of First Baptist Church Grandview, Missouri. He explained that he was in the midst of making a colossal decision. What decision? Without knowing the particulars, they prayed. Within days they realized the decision was whether or not he should end WW II by dropping atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The bombs were dropped. Thousands of people died. Millions of people were saved.


Big decisions made personal. My father was in the navy serving in the Pacific at the time. He believed Truman’s decision saved his life and, therefore, gave me life. Misako Ankrum, a loving and treasured Trinity member, tells the story of how that decision affected her family in Japan. All prayers are personal. All prayers have consequences. For what are you praying?