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Parking Lot Repairs

This is important information regarding our parking lot recoating in November. Please share it with anyone and everyone that may need to know. We will be communicating with staff and members of the following: Alpha Home, Great Hearts, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), Mission House, Outreach House, Parsonage, Logsdon Seminary, neighbors adjacent to the Shook parking and PDO.

Below is a picture of our campus for clarification. The key on the bottom right of the opposite side of the page will help you understand the defined areas.

The lots are divided into three sections for pothole repair, recoating, and restriping. If the lot that you normally park in is closed, please use one of the other two sections. Pothole repair and recoating occurs on the first day and restriping is completed on the second and/or third day.

November 14–16 Cleaning and cutting will occur on the 14thon the full lot across Mulberry (south) and full lot on the other side (east) of Shook. The two lots will also be closed and unavailable on Friday, the 15thfor recoating and Saturday, the 16thfor restriping.

November 25 and 26 – Lots around the education building and the inside lot (north of Children’s building and close to the offices), off of Shook will be closed. This includes the Great Hearts parking adjacent to Carlton, the alley way, and the parking by the children’s and education building.

November 27 and 29 – Mulberry lot by the children’s building and the handicapped area by the sanctuary. This time frame falls around Thanksgiving and will involve a minimal numbers of cars.

Please continue to visit our website at to review any necessary changes due to unforeseen circumstances or bad weather. Additional days may be identified to complete the work if we continue to experience delays because of inclement weather.