Our Future

By God’s grace we are building tomorrow by strategic actions today.

Jacob Sensenig is unanimously recommended by our Search Team, Personnel Team, Trustees, and myself to become our Minister of Music & Worship Arts. His call weekend to Trinity will be February 4-5, with the hand vote being taken during the February 5th worship services. (In this Trumpet issue you can read recommendations about Jacob from various people; see opportunites when you can meet him on Saturday, 2/4.)

Jacob is a uniquely gifted and seasoned 30 year old Minister of Music. He can lead in the full range of congregational music. Jacob is a native Kentuckian, growing up on a farm outside of Bowling Green. He completed his undergraduate degree from Western Kentucky University. During these years Jacob was mentored in music ministry at Bowling Green’s First Baptist Church. is is a church I know well from my years in Kentucky.

After college Jacob moved to Baylor University where he graduated with a Master in Church Music and a Master of Divinity from Truett Seminary. He has served as the Minister of Music at FBC Hamilton for 7+ years. Jacob is also the music & worship leader for the chapel services at Truett Seminary. He is a coordinator for various programs with Baylor’s church music initiatives, including major youth gatherings. Jacob has completed his course work for a Ph.D. in Church Music.

Jacob is engaged to Sarah Boullioun. She is a Texas native who completed her undergraduate degree at Baylor plus her Master of Divinity from Truett. Sarah is 26. Currently she serves as the high school youth minister at Waco’s First United Methodist Church. She is a wonderful person. They will marry on April 29. Jacob & Sarah are excited to be coming to Trinity and living in San Antonio. Our hopes are they will live here during their 30’s and beyond.

I join you in thanking God for blessing our future by strategic actions taken today.

Dr. Leslie Hollon