October Reflections

Mr. Reed was the Kendal County Soil Conservation agent when I was growing up. He and his wife were active in Boerne’s First Baptist Church. She did double duty as my 5th grade school teacher. Once a year Bro. Mac, our pastor, asked him to give a stewardship testimony during worship.

When he spoke I remember feeling bored but curious. Today we’d say I was conflicted as to whether or not I wanted to listen. Later as a high schooler, every student was challenged to write an essay on conservation. Much to my surprise, my essay won an award.

Turns out that Mr. Reed’s messages impacted me more than I was aware of at the time. Along with my grandfather’s farming and the influence of some ranchers – a biblical message on the environment was shaping me. Since then that message continues to grow gradually inside me. The Lord is the Creator of the heaven & earth. He entrusts us to take care of His creation. We should be good stewards because we want to do our part and if we don’t, we will be guilty of destroying our earthly home. And we will be guilty as sin for not passing on to the next generation what we were graciously given.

What I also know is that our care for the environment impacts our evangelism. Generation Z, the Millennials and GenXers want to know that the gospel is relevant by how it sees believers enacting the call to be good stewards of planet earth. We can implement this call without getting caught in the tug of war language of climate change or global warming. All we need to do is use the language God gave us in the Bible. Which is why Mr. Reeds’s quiet and unassuming message made me more curious than bored. And today, it is more relevant than ever.