New School Year Resolutions

As summer is winding down and a new school year begins, it is a good time for families to make “New School Year Resolutions.” Life gets busy when we get back into all the activities that surround the academic calendar. It is a good time to discuss what your priorities as a family and as an individual will be for the year.

As you prioritize, here are some things to keep in mind. First, time really does go by quickly–so value it as a precious commodity. Make sure that in all of the busyness, you carve out some quality family time. Also, make some time to spend with each child individually. We are part of families, but we are also still individuals. Second, decide how many extracurricular activities each child should have. This is a great opportunity to help children understand choices. Let them, along with your guidance, decide what they should do according to their interests and what is workable for the family unit.

Stay involved with their friends. Invite them over. Talk to them about who they are around and listen to their daily connections. My children are 26 & 23 and I still want to know who they hang out with and what they do. It helps us stay connected, aware and involved.

Find a time for spiritual growth. Daily try to pray with your children and read the Bible. I know this can get lost in the other things we do in our daily lives, but these habits stay with our kids well into adulthood. Make them part of your family DNA. This also includes your church involvement and attendance. Make church part of what you do as a family. Worshipping together as family is very important to spiritual development in children. For children and youth we have many opportunities to help you in this spiritual journey. Call us at 210-738-7764 to learn more.