National Day of Prayer


Why do you pray? How do you pray? We become stronger by praying together. With these two questions and guiding statement we launched an experiment last year called the National Day Of Prayer (NDP) breakfast for San Antonio. As a soft launch for future action we wanted to see what God would show us. Our co-sponsoring partner, Sandy Morander & The YMCA of Greater San Antonio, were and are great partners.

God blessed in a way we could build upon. For instance:

-This year’s breakfast sold out a month in advance.
-Our TriPoint campus will be packed with San Antonions to pray
and be prayed for.
-The Baptist Health Foundation, with Cody Knowlton, joined us
as a sponsor.
-Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, Mayor Ivy Taylor, and
Rabbi Mara Nathan will be our speakers.
-The media will be covering the event.
-Our community will be strengthened by this representative
SA gathering.
-We will be able to build upon this year’s NDP for future
community gatherings.

If you are coming, (meaning you already purchased your ticket), identify yourself  as a Trinity member as you visit with people and help us to set a spiritual tone. You are a host. Participate prayerfully if you are not coming in person. May God be honored and our region be strengthened.


For more information or to purchase a seat or table visit: