Message: “Can We Ever Really Be Forgiven” from Pastor Les Hollon

Pastor Les Hollon - May 26, 2019

Can We Ever Really Be Forgiven

Scripture References: Psalms 51:1-19

From Series: "Psalms for Life"

Psalms, known as the Psalter, is one of the most quoted and beloved books in the Bible. Its 150 chapters also make it the longest book in the Bible. “Blessed” is the book’s opening word. Blessing is the gift of God’s grace. We feel blessed as we faithfully live in His grace. But when we trample on God’s grace, we step outside of His sphere of blessing. Blessing is the shalom which comes: 1) by living in God’s presence; 2) by trusting His promises; and 3) by experiencing His power. The Psalmist sent danger messages to those who make choices that lead to an unblessed life. Graphic warnings were given. Sinful choices never satisfy for long. They demand a deeper and deeper commitment to destructive habits. The “unblessed” are like tumbleweeds, driven aimlessly by the wind into a wasteland. There, they are imprisoned by loneliness and alienation. We have a choice to make. The blessed life is the best life.

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