Membership Has Its Responsibilities

Throughout Paul’s time and through his letters to the early churches, Paul taught about the body of the Church and the role of its members. Time and time again he explained how being a member of the body of Christ was an active endeavor and not a passive one. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul explains the significance of the many parts of the body and explained why the hand cannot dismiss the eye or the head to tell the feet to take a hike. All parts are needed, but not all parts are the same. Not all of us are made to be teachers, pastors, or deacons but we are still extremely important to the body. As I reflect on the ministry teams in which I am part of here at Trinity, I serve alongside engineers, marketers, attorneys, IT professionals, accountants, carpenters, horticulturalists, scientists, contractors, real estate professionals, doctors… the list goes on. There are so many talented people who are passionate about our God and our church. They spend time every month using the talents and abilities that God has given them to serve the church. They know that the abilities they have are key to the success of our church and the furthering of the Kingdom of God, and without them Trinity Baptist Church would not be thriving as it is today.

Paul was not familiar with IT Professionals or marketers during his time, and even if he was he may or may not have listed them in his epistles. He did not mention brick makers, carpenters, tentmakers (in which he was one) or other professions of his day but that did not discount their role or value in the early church. They were still members of the church body and were no less important than those who were deemed to be teachers or prophets.

I bring this up because we are in the time of year where we are beginning to look for new ministry team leaders. It is called Ministry Matching and during this time we identify team leaders and members for our Administrative and Service teams. If and when you are contacted to be on a team, I ask that you prayerfully consider serving. You will also notice around our TriPoint and Mulberry Campuses information about “Finding Your Spot” and the ability to volunteer on a team here at Trinity.

We are all called to serve in some capacity either on a team or in another role. As the much quoted American Express ad once said, “Membership has its privileges”. We can expand that to “membership also has its responsibilities”. There is so much to gain to be part of the Church but so much more is given and achieved when we actively serve and take seriously our role in the body of Christ.