Making Ourselves At Home In Jesus and His Words

When I lived in Waco, TX I moved a lot. Nine places in nine years. Some of those were places for a semester or for a summer. Others were for a year or more at a time. But anyway you slice it I was a nomad. Sometimes I wouldn’t even unpack many of my boxes, because I knew I’d be moving on in a few short months. I’m pretty sure friends with trucks started screening my calls near the end of the semester in fear of being enlisted to my moving brigade. Many times I wouldn’t update my contact info because I knew I wouldn’t be somewhere long enough for it to matter. My Waco years were wandering years.

The city of Waco very much came to feel like home, but no one place, other than Penland Residence Hall, where I lived for 3 school years, ever really did. From move to move I streamlined. Posters and pictures were not hung up on walls. Eventually they stopped being unpacked and finally they stopped making the move. The apartments and houses I lived in seldom became “home.” I had signed the lease, paid a deposit and the monthly rent, but it was clear by stepping into my place that it wasn’t a home.

How many of us have made ourselves at home in Jesus? In John 15, he challenges his followers to abide in him. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of us have signed the lease, but have a lot of unpacked boxes.

What keeps you from making your home in Jesus? Maybe Jesus’ invitation seems to good to be true to you. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll mess this up and be evicted soon. Maybe you’re afraid to hang up on the walls some of what you’ve been carrying around.

Jesus invites us to make ourselves at home in him and in his words. Recently, a very good friend encouraged me to consider investing in art I love. This friend said, “even nice furniture eventually goes out of style or breaks, but art that speaks to you might be with you a lifetime.” What you hang up on your walls and how you decorate your home inevitably speaks some message into our lives. How can we “move-in” more fully into the life and words of Jesus?

How might we be more intentional with our actual residences to make them places that speak into our souls?

Do you have a sacred space (a desk, a tree stump, an arm chair etc.) to meet with God?

What are some words of Jesus you’d like to make your permanent dwelling?

What are different ways we might move-in to the words of Jesus?