Make Time Count Spiritually

Children are such a joy and blessing…..most of the time. Parenting can be a difficult and frustrating task on some days. Life has many demands that pull on our time and energy. It is often hard to get the basics done; homework, extra curricular activities, birthday parties, church, etc. There is not much time left over for other things, especially the things that you personally want to do. I remember those days well, and it was hard. However, time does pass quickly and before you know it you will be sending them off to college to face the world and all of its influences. So make this time count spiritually.

I read a quote from Jefferson Bethke that stated, “Of 100 unsaved men, one might read the Bible, but the other 99 will read the Christians.” This is so true of our children, they hopefully listen to what we say but they definitely watch what we do. So in the frenzy of life make Jesus a priority for you first and then your children. Show them by your actions that Christ is alive in your life. A question to reflect on this month might be: As your children observe your spiritual life what do they see? Parenting is the most important job you will ever have, and the most rewarding.