Mad Men

“Mad Men”, one of television’s most popular series, has come to an end. For 7 seasons, the writers and actors have conveyed the era of the Greatest Generation as adults and Baby Boomers as children. It did so through the journey of people working for an advertising agency  who are desperately trying to make sense of life as they “sell” products of pop culture.

Flaws and strengths are revealed. Episode by episode, season by season, the characters unfold their hopes for a better life by advertising this same hope to  the public as their version of the  American Dream.

They are desperate. Each episode opened with images of corporate execs free falling from a skyscraper. But each attempt for personal or corporate breakthrough doesn’t give them sustainable life improvement.

Through interviews, this cast of actors are explaining their take on what this series tried to accomplish. John Slattery (Roger) said that the characters were portrayed in a way that is true for most people. In wanting to improve their lives, they found themselves incapable of sustaining the improvements. They fell back in to their old life habits.

His summary is a true description of our human predicament. We yearn for “something more” that is unreachable until we connect in relationship to that Someone More – God. And through God we find ourselves loved and able to love in ways that empower life transformation. Then each day we find ourselves living the dream, not just struggling toward the dream.

My own “what if” wish for Mad Men was for at least one of the characters to stumble into a Billy Graham rally at Madison Square Garden. Then for them to make a commitment to CHRIST and track the forward movement of those characters as part of the drama. The Graham Crusades were popular during the Mad Men era and therefore this proposed story line would have been a real tour de force. The transforming power of God’s love possesses the sustainable power to heal our flaws and build our hopes… Where are you in your quest for that something more?