Marriage. What do you feel when you hear the word marriage? Whether or not to marry and, if so, whom to marry are two of the biggest decisions one makes in life. Below is an email excerpt I recently wrote to an engaged couple (names changed):

Paul & Jane: I am happy for your love for each other. Blessings on your engagement and for your coming marriage… Following is a summary of what we will cover during premarital counseling.


I truly believe life is about love and love is about relationships. There is a distinctive form of love called marital love. Good marriages are built upon a foundation of love that communicates effectively. From this foundation are three lifelines that form a triangle of passion, friendship, and commitment – with friendship serving as the base.

Marriages that thrive learn how to nourish mutual respect & trust through interdependence. This is formed by effectively engaging the five practical topics that comprise marriage and reflect a couple’s vision & values. They are: family heritage and future, vocation, finances, sexuality, and spirituality.

We will move at whatever pace you choose. How deeply or broadly we choose to talk through “all things premarital” will also be your choice. I am glad to share in this journey with you. We will have fun.

The adventure is worth the effort. Through mutual love and respect you can form a marriage that will strive through the years.

Pastor Les