Living Your Best Life

God has a way for us to live our best life. From whatever is going on, and wherever we are standing in life, God has a best way forward for us. You may be in a ‘high-five, thank you God’ season of life, or you may feel like you’re walking through the valley’s shadow of death. In either extreme, and in all the in between places, God has a way for you to connect with your best tomorrow. 

I’ve learned this while – being with parents in the hospital’s emergency room, having just learned that their child died; working with courageous people healing from chemical addictions to build a future different than a painful past; preparing couples for marriage or helping couples repair their marriage; thinking out with students as they try to figure out if they are good enough to make it in a globally competitive world; navigating with teenagers on their way in and out of peer groups; playing with preschoolers & children who are discovering their world; being with older adults as they fight off cynicism to discover the grace-pattern of how their life can be woven into a beautiful mosaic; and… 

Through the years, I’ve seen how true it is that God is working to bring about the very best in every situation. God is good all the time, even when the times aren’t good. There is healing for the past, and hope beyond fear for the future. All of which, connects us with needed resources to make the most of today. In the Bible this is called “sanctification.” 

Sanctification is a big word. Big in truth. Big in promise. Big in performance. Sanctification is a common word in the New Testament, but not a common word in our everyday conversations. Knowing what it means, “to be made holy,” is to know a basic way God wants to show His love for us. 

God not only wants the best for you, but God extends His very character to you, so you really can know “the holy” in your life and for our world. Holiness grows God’s character within us as: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). This pathway of living your best life, sanctification, holds you in the arms of God’s embrace.