Living Waters Ranch Update

A fledgling mission at the base of Pico Bonito Mountain in El Pino, Honduras and an ailing, elderly missionary, Teresa Devlin, with fire in her heart and Christ in her soul invited Trinity to be a part of God’s vision. Trinity Baptist Church took a leap of faith and offered our support of The Living Waters Ranch. This mission is now buzzing with activity and the power of Gods love.

The Ranch is now home to Darwin and Jennifer Zilly Canales and 7 children. The Ranch not only serves as a home for abandoned and abused children, it also serves as a hub for activity in a very impoverished rural area. It provides an opportunity for children to be exposed to a variety of subjects including agriculture, music, English and of course bible study.

The Living Waters Ranch (Purpose and Vision)


“We have been given the purpose, challenge, and joy of raising orphaned and abandoned children to be fierce yet compassionate followers of Christ, to take them into our home as sons and daughters and teach them the Good Shepherd’s way”.

Visionary Plans

  1. To form a prophetic community of believers, living in accordance with God’s Word and acting as His instruments of peace, justice, and mercy in this world.
  2. To embody the fullness of “family” as described in God’s Word, transcending ties of blood, race, nationality and social standing to form a beautifully united and loving family in Christ, providing for the children and youth under our full-time care what they did not have with their biological families.
  3. To shepherd Honduran children and youth by restoring them spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually, thus teaching them to use their unique gifts to fulfill God’s role for them in His Kingdom, whether they live with us full-time or visit during day-time hours for various activities.
  4. To assume a posture of long-term commitment in our relationships with the people the Lord places in our everyday lives. To seek not to make a quick, short-term impact in the lives of those whom we serve, but to accept the responsibility of coming alongside of them day after day for years if the Lord wills it.
  5. To live a simplistic, whole life, working with our hands, living contentedly with what we have, trusting in God’s provision and protection and finding joy in our Father’s presence among us.

Jennifer Zilly Canales is a prolific writer and story teller. She shares the daily struggles and joys of life in Honduras and The Living Waters Ranch through a blog/email newsletter. If you would like to receive her weekly blog, go to