Living Legend – Marjorie Bloomfield

Marjorie Bloomfield was born in Academy, South Dakota, the youngest of four children. Her first few years were spent on the family’s farm where her father raised corn. When Marjorie was five years old, her father moved the family to Monrovia CA where he went to work in the shipyards.

Marjorie’s brother joined the Navy shortly after WWII began. She remembers when candy was rationed, her brother could buy it at his station and he would send boxes of candy back home.

After a few years living in California, the family moved back to Mitchell, South Dakota. After Marjorie graduated from Mitchell High School, she wanted to move to California where many of her friends had gone to work. Her father said she could not go until he was sure she could support herself. She did not get to California right away. After attending Mitchell Business College, she worked in Mitchell for two years. When her aunt needed help, Marjorie moved to Seattle to take care of her two small cousins.

Later, Marjorie moved to Hollywood, CA. It was there, while she was working as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines, she met her future husband, John, who also worked for Continental.

Marjorie and John were married in 1957. Continental did not allow married couples to work together so Marjorie left her flight attendant job. John’s career with Continental Airlines took them back and forth from California to Colorado to Louisiana and, finally, to San Antonio. Finding a church home was always a priority when they moved to a new city. They were very active with Sunday School and couples groups. Marjorie says the family attended a Dutch Reform church in California, a Congregational church in South Dakota and a Presbyterian church when they moved to San Antonio. After John’s secretary invited them to Trinity to see a Living Christmas Tree performance, they started going to Trinity and, after a few visits, joined the church and John joined the choir.

Marjorie had attended Bible Study Fellowship at another church and volunteered to work at the Creative Life Center window to answer questions during the Wednesday morning Bible Study Fellowship, John retired from Continental in 1983. Marjorie had been a stay at home mom taking care of their three daughters, Mary, Nancy and Ruth.

One Christmas Marjorie bought dolls for the girls and spent months sewing a large wardrobe for each doll. She was a wonderful role model for her daughters, always encouraging them to stick together. When they were teenagers they would come home from school, sit at the table for a snack and talk about their day. Marjorie instilled the importance of family to her daughters. After John’s retirement, she went to work for SACU as secretary to the Vice President for Student Loans. She retired after 15 years.

John’s employment with Continental Airlines provided the family with many vacation opportunities. Their travels included England, Hawaii, Canada, Florida, Wyoming and Missouri. John passed away in 2006. Marjorie says she loves the people at Trinity and considers them family.