Living Your Best Life

This article was recently published in the January 2015 San Antonio Local Community News.

Time is a gift from God. Each day we receive 1,440 little gifts called minutes. These small gifts carry big meaning when they are invested to fulfill the 4 basic life questions each of us must answer. Now, as we begin 2015, is a key time to check in to ensure that our minutes are connected to what enables us to live our best life.

Our life purpose unfolds as we faithfully answer: What is my life vision by which everything in life comes in to focus? Who are the people I love and love me? What is my vocation, my life work in which my talents are passionately released?  When I die, what will be my lasting influence, my legacy?

We form our legacy by how we invest our time. Our hopes for a new year must be acted on if they are to be realized. Which is why one study noted that the third week in January is one the “bluest” times for Americans as we realize that we aren’t acting on our hopes for the new year.

We are still early enough in 2015 to seize the momentum

that a new year provides. Following are six “how’s”:

1) Build upon the best from your past. Use your strengths to give you time, space, and energy to add value by also building new strengths in your life.

2) Be an optimist. God is. God’s grace makes it possible for us to learn from past failures. Lessons learned are lessons applied. Be wise by going forward.

3)  Believe in your life potential. God does. Believe by being a person of hope, faith, and love. Hope reveals the vision you are to pursue. Faith is your trust in the “can do” nature of God to be at work in you and your world. Love is the fuel that energizes you to be at your best.

4) By-pass the habits that have derailed you in the past and replace them with healthier habits. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Choose your habits well. They form your life pattern.

5) Bless your life by the will power of discipline. Set yourself free by doing what needs to be done, as it should be done, when it should be done.

6) Begin each day by praying for God to guide you. Follow God’s guidance during the day. Then that night as you go to bed, review the day and preview tomorrow. Rest in God’s grace and wisdom.

My prayers are with you as you commit to live best life in 2015.