Learning About Jesus by Debbie Potter

“Dad, do you like being a shepherd?”
“I can’t imagine being anything else.”
“But isn’t being a shepherd, you know, kind of boring? Shepherds never get to do anything that’s very important.” “The nights can get long sometimes, but how many people get to work under God’s blanket of stars? As I sit watching over the sheep, I think of all of the people that the world saw as unimportant but that God used to make a difference.”


This year during Sunday school, all of our children are learning about Jesus. So we began with his birth. YES, we taught about the birth of Christ in August! I have to admit it was a bit odd at first, but it has become really neat to see kids learn about the birth of Christ at a
different time than normal. It has allowed them to truly focus on His birth without all of the other things that go along with the Christmas season.

In the opening lesson, we see a conversation between a father and son. Kids are really the same today. They want to know what you do and they want to understand it. It is important to take some time to let your kids into your life. Draw connections between your life and how you follow Christ on your daily journey. Kids need to see how parents transfer what happens at church into their everyday lives, because it will help them be able to do it in their own lives as well.

Talk to them about a difficult relationship at work and how God helped you resolve it. Share how hard it is to work for someone and how you have to respect and follow direction. Be vulnerable enough to show them some ways you could have listened to God better in a situation. And finally, share how God answered a prayer.

I hope you will consider bringing your children on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am for Sunday school as we travel through the life of Jesus.