Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Ladies… Interested in getting to know other ladies at Trinity Baptist Church in a casual dinner setting?

Sign up for one night (Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday) during that week that you are available to go to someone’s home for dinner (and/or if you are able to serve as a hostess). You’ll be assigned to a home with 6-10 other guests and asked to bring a dish to share…but only the hostess will know who else will be there! It’s a great opportunity to meet ladies and make new friends among the Trinity family. You will be able to sign up to be a guest and/or hostess at the Fanning Foyer Welcome Center, in Sunday Schools, on Wednesday evenings or by filling out the online form.  (Deadline for signup is Sunday, March 22).

For more information, contact Barbara Bach at (210) 492-1874 or Phyllis Patterson at (210) 490-1283.

Sign up for one night (Monday, March 30; Tuesday, March 31; Thursday, April 2; or ‘no preference in night’).