Music and Worship

I am writing this article days after the Maundy Thursday Chorale and orchestra program and I am still blown away by how much the Chorale (and the Music Ministry, in general) was able to accomplish in just a few short weeks. I have heard comments from many of you that this years’ service was one of the most powerful you have experienced and my only response can be that God was present that evening in a palpable way. I put the service together and organized the musical elements (with a lot of help from Mary Hamilton, Zachary Ridgway and Cheryl Lindquist), but we worked against time to make this service happen. I must tell you about how diligently the Chorale focused in preparation for the Holy Week services. I pushed them hard and they rose to every occasion.

It has also been made evident to me that the combined Palm Sunday worship service was one of, if not the most successful, combined service the Trinity community has experienced. I believe that this service will set the tone for many future combined services and I look forward to continued partnership with Taddy and the Crossings Band. This service goes to show us that we can do so much more when we combine our resources and efforts in praise of our great creator and sustainer.

As you know, Sarah and I got married on April 29th and so we will be gone a good bit during the month of May. I will be leading on May 7th, but will be in Scotland on our honeymoon on May 14th and 21st. We are excited to make our life together in San Antonio once we arrive back here the end of May. I also want to say a word of thanks for all of your prayers during this time of great transition. Sarah and I never anticipated when we planned our wedding for April 29th that we would be moving to a new city and starting new jobs, in addition to getting married, but God had a great plan in store for us. We could not be doing all of this without the incredible support systems we have and Trinity has been a place where we have already felt an immense amount of love and support. Please continue to pray for our transition and we can’t wait for Trinity to become our faith family!