It’s Almost Friday… But Sunday’s Coming

The cross has become the universal sign or logo for the Christian faith. Yet most of us are reluctant to follow Jesus to the cross. We want to be there on Sunday to exclaim “He is Risen!” However, like most of his first century disciples, we too are conspicuously absent on Friday. The cross reminds us of violence, suffering, defeat, disappointment, brutality, and death. Yet Jesus said, “If anyone would be my follower they must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me.” Henri Nouwen believes Jesus’ death says to us, “The most tragic, the most painful, the most hopeless circumstances can become the way to the liberation you long for most of all.”

I hope you’ll make a special effort to be with us for Maundy Thursday Service at 7pm (Mulberry Campus) and the Good Friday Service at noon (TriPoint Campus). It’s important that we consider the suffering Jesus’ betrayal and death point to so we may more fully celebrate the new life his resurrection points to on Sunday. Speaking of Easter Sunday, we will have a fantastic breakfast from 8:15-9am in the gym of the mulberry campus then bible study from 9-10am and then of course a wonderful time of worship! I hope to see you there!