Inviting Others to Church by Inviting Them into Your Life


Many people experience fears and insecurities when it comes to inviting new people to church. Thoughts run through our minds such as, “Will they think I’m weird for inviting them?” or “ They probably won’t come anyway.” According to Dr. om Rainer in his book, e Unchurched Next Door, 82% of unchurched people are at least likely to attend church if invited and most people come to church because of a personal invitation. If you have ever wondered how to invite someone to church appropriately and naturally, the ideas below can help the process feel more comfortable.

  1. Make a list of specific people you would like to invite to church over the coming months. Pray and ask God to lie on your heart friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and family members who live in your area whom you can invite to church. Write down those names. Pray the Lord open their hearts to the idea of visiting church, so they will be open to your invite when they get it. Next time you go into a conversation with one of these people, listen for natural ways to bring up the invitation.
  2. Schedule breakfast or coffee on Sunday morning at Summermoon. Invite your friends via phone, Facebook or Twitter, then head to church together. For a mid-week idea, make it dinner and then let them know everyone is heading to Bible study a afterward and everyone is invited. (Get other Bible study group members in on this!)
  3. If possible, invite them into your home before inviting them to church. Asking someone to church that you’ve at least invited over for coffee increases the odds of a positive response.
  4. Invite them to church outside of church. at is, invite them to something the church is doing outside the church walls (like a barbecue or block party) and then invite them to church at that event after they’ve relaxed a little with your group.

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