Investing Your Time Wisely in 2020

How quickly did 2019 pass for you? I know it went quickly for me! I have a sign on the wall in my offi ce that says, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Meaning, every day of 2019 you and I made choices that equaled “how we spend our lives” and the same will be true in 2020. Are you pleased with how you have spent your time? If you are not totally pleased, are there changes or “tweaks” that you can make going forward that will improve the quality of your life?

There are many things that happen to us that we don’t have control over. Wonderful, serendipity-type surprises and discouraging, painful events. In the painful situations we react or respond the best we can. However, most of us still have the opportunity to choose how we spend many hours of our lives. The decisions we make regarding how we spend our time can also have big consequences for how we respond to the life events we don’t choose.

My life has been built on the belief that when we spend time in Christian community, receiving and giving to others and learning to be come more like Christ, it is a wise investment of time and the sum total equals a life worth living! In this New Year, I pray that you and I will invest our time well, and in fact, I have a recommendation for you to consider whether you are new to Trinity or a long-term member.

If you are not already, will you consider be-coming part of a small group where you can grow in relationship with others? In addition to the many Sunday morning classes for all ages, you may visit our small groups page for a full list of small groups being offered this Winter/Spring for you to join and invest your time in for 2020.

Written by
Vicki Hollon, D.Min. Minister of Older Adults