Investing in Eternity This Holiday Season

Investing in Eternity This Holiday Season

Time is so much more valuable than money or assets. Thank you for investing your time serving the body of Christ at Trinity Baptist Church. Please invest time this holiday season by sharing God’s love and grace with your family, friends, and your neighbor. It is your heart’s motives that God sees, and rewards accordingly.

Everything we own, everything we have comes from God. When we give, we offer him a very small portion of all the abundance he has already given to us. Giving is an expression of our thankfulness and praise to God! It comes from a heart of worship. For everything we give already belongs to him!

What better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ than to give to the Church so that we can continue to share the word of God with our community! Through your gift, the word of God is preached, people’s lives are touched, people are fed, disciples can grow, and we are able to fulfill our goals that were adopted during the annual meeting when we approved our Ministry Plan for 2017 and 2018.

The most convenient way for you to give is through the GIVE icon on our site, Since December 31st falls on Sunday this year, you may put your year-end gift in the offering plate. If you are unable to attend the Sunday morning services on December 31st, you can call or text me at 210-310-6198 to make arrangements for delivery on Thursday or Friday, between 1-5 p.m. of December 28th or 29th.

Because all gifts to the church are subject to IRS deadlines, please remember that all year-end gftis must be received in the church office before midnight on December 31, 2017, or must be postmarked before the end of December to be deducted in the present tax year. Any gifts received after December 31 and not postmarked in December will be included in the next tax year. The date written on a check will not determine which tax year a gift is included. Only the actual date of receipt by the church or the postmark will establish the correct tax year for the IRS.

God Bless You and Your Family, have a Merry Christmas!