Introducing the Married People’s Resource Center at Trinity Baptist

There are many books which promise to open the door to a happy marriage. Some have been around a long time (such as The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman). But, then, every now and then we pick up a new book and find it to be winsome as well as helpful. One such book which has fascinated Veronica and me is The Surprising Secrets to Highly Happy Marriages by Shaunti Feldhahn. (Multnomah Press, 2013).

Not surprisingly, the secret to a happy marriage involves making the most of many little things. Yes, as the popular song says, “Little things mean a lot.” In a light, but insightful style, Shaunti highlights dozens of little habits that help make our relationships healthy and happy – from putting caps on the toothpaste to pleasantly greeting each other in the morning.  Today, let’s focus on a sample of the “big little” things that make a difference. Take a look at Shaunti’s list. If you are doing all of them, great! If not, pick one and start this week. And remember, habits can only be changed one step at a time.

  • Talk about your day. Everyday.  
  • Kiss every day.
  • Prioritize.  
  • Defer Key decisions until you can talk about them privately
  • Express gratitude every day.
  • Most of all, give your spouse the benefits of the doubt. 
  • Assume the best. If you have concerns do be open and honest with each other. 
  • Always think the best of your partner. 

These “big little things” along with many more that are explored in depth in The Surprising Secrets to Highly Happy Marriages will make the hard times easier to manage and fill the good times with many happy memories.  

Shaunti Feldhahn’s book is one of many resources now available through the Married Peoples Resource Center in Trinity’s library. Recently made available, the Married Peoples Resource Center is a special place in the library where books, videos and other resources regarding family life are displayed. The purpose of the Resource Center is to bring together in an easily accessible way relevant resources on marriage and family including classics on family life as well as the latest, contemporary books and videos.

Come in. See what interests you. And look for periodic reviews of new additions to the Resource Center in Trinity’s print and social media.

Wayne Grant, M.D.