Illustrations of God’s Work by Pastor Les

Illustrations of God’s Work

Third grader Jackson Shelnutt draws my sermons. As I preached on Mother’s Day, he made this drawing. I tell him that he makes my sermons better than they actually are. Jackson was baptized during our Sanctuary service on May 27. On June 3, a young woman, graduate from Stanford & UT Law School, will also be baptized. Joining them, this summer we will also be baptizing a high school senior, and a courageous woman from Alpha Home. As well as…God is drawing many people, of all ages, unto Him through Trinity’s ministries.

Your contributions enable this to happen. On their behalf and hundreds of others touched by our 100+ ministries, I thank you.

This summer is filled with gospel work. Our children, youth, and adults will have special summer experiences. We have mission teams going to the Border, to Haiti, and in areas of San Antonio. Pre-Teen Camp. VBS. Art Camp. Music Camp. Wednesday Noon Bible Studies @ TriPoint. Young Adult Small Groups. Summer Camp for Grown Ups. Youth trip to Glorieta plus Leadership Lab.

On June 24, we will celebrate TBC’s 69th Birthday. And on that day everyone is encouraged to make a special birthday gift. By meeting our goal of $180,000 we will be able to wrap up the cost of several past projects and ease our summer cash flow challenge.

Like Jackson’s art work, you and your ministry illustrates a people who are on God’s sacred mission of helping seekers to become believers and believers to become disciples.

Some Books I Am Reading this Summer: