How To Pray For Your Child

As a parent, I always have had the desire to pray for my children. As easy as that sounds, I have found myself struggling with the “how to” of that many times. I began to do some research about this topic and have found some things that were helpful to me and thought I might share them with you! I would love to say I came up with all of them, but they are a combination of several different sources. 

Use a list of godly character/virtues and pray one over them each month; or you could even pray that weekly or daily. 

Take advantage of birthdays and special occasions to say a “special prayer” of blessing over your children. 

Pray before school, games, special events, and even church. Also pray after these things. Prayers of thanksgiving are also very important for children. 

Pray for their friends, teachers, and relatives so they hear the care for others. 

Pick a Bible verse for the year and pray that verse over your child daily. 

There are many more ways to pray for your child, but these in particular were helpful to me, and I thought you might could use them as you learn to pray for your child too.