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How Do I…

Welcome to Trinity Baptist Church. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you get started. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

  • Become a Christian
    Becoming a Christian is the first step of a life-long faith journey. It is as simple as the ABCs (Accept, Believe, and Confess/Commit) and as difficult as surrendering the control of your life to Jesus Christ and trusting that God loves you and wants the best for your life. We acknowledge that for many, faith can seem challenging or confusing. As you consider how you can connect with God, we would like to be a part of that conversation. Our pastoral staff is here to talk with you. However, the Christian journey does not end with that initial commitment. The decision to become a Christian (a disciple of Christ) is an ongoing commitment. It is a faith journey that grows in education and fellowship with other Christians. We come to know about the many ways God shapes us through discipleship and education. Therefore, in addition to the ABC’s we add D and E, discipleship and education. God accepts us where we are. However, our confession and commitment to follow Jesus Christ is just the beginning of an exciting faith journey. We are called to become disciples of Christ and that requires us to follow. We believe God shapes us through a community of disciples. Becoming part of a small group Bible study on Sunday morning (Sunday school) or throughout the week is an excellent way to receive a biblically shaped education and continue growth as a disciple. On Sunday mornings, we have small group Bible studies for children, youth, and adults. We offer a variety of Sunday small groups for adults and encourage you to feel free to visit several before choosing the one that seems best for you. We hope you will want to join us Sundays, Wednesdays or other days of the week. Learn more about our worship times and locations.
  • Speak with a Pastor
    At Trinity It is our heart desire to be available to you. Please feel free to call the Trinity Baptist Church office (210-733-6201) and ask to speak to one of the following pastors.
  • Become a Member
    Trinity Baptist Church is an inclusive faith community. It is our desire to help everyone who comes to Trinity to grow in his or her love for God and for others. We especially celebrate and feel blessed when an individual chooses to become a member of the Trinity faith family. The requirements for membership at Trinity are personal faith in Jesus Christ and the commitment to help the church grow. You may become a member of Trinity by coming forward during any service to: Share your profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Share that you are already a Christian and would like to be baptized and become a member of the Trinity Baptist Church faith family. Share that you are already a Christian and ask that your membership be transferred from another Christian church.
  • Get Baptized
    Baptism is the sign of a “promise made to God from a good conscience” (1Peter 3:21). We urge all believers to be baptized (immersed) as a public witness of his or her faith in Jesus Christ. Those who have already been baptized in the Christian faith before coming to Trinity do not need to be baptized again. For those that have not been baptized, it would be a privilege to share this important experience with you. We encourage you to contact one of pastors if you would like to learn more about baptism and/or faith in Christ.
  • Schedule a Wedding
    One of the most sacred and beautiful ceremonies of the church is the marriage service. At Trinity it is ALWAYS A SERVICE OF WORSHIP in which two persons, in the company of their loved ones and friends, publicly covenant with each other under the blessing of God. A Christian wedding is much more than a social event. Two persons are united by God in holy marriage.
It is the desire of the pastors and staff of Trinity Baptist Church to make every wedding a special, sacred and memorable event. To this end the following policies and procedures have been established. We want to extend to each wedding party every possible consideration, courtesy and benefit.

 To explore the possibility of having your wedding at Trinity Baptist Church (either in the Thrift Chapel or in the Sanctuary on the Mulberry campus) contact August Higgins in the Senior Pastor’s office, (210) 738-7715 or email him at He will check on availability and send you a copy of our Wedding Policies. Once your wedding is booked, he will put you in touch with our Wedding Coordinator.
  • Make Funeral Arrangements
    We are very sorry for your loss and want to be of help as you plan to honor your friend or loved one. Contact August Higgins in the Senior Pastor’s office to make funeral arrangements. Call (210) 738-7715 or email
  • Submit a Prayer Concern
    The mission of the Prayer Ministry is for prayer to be central to every ministry and activity of Trinity Baptist Church and to support each person and each endeavor by specific prayers. submit a prayer request by filling out the Prayer Request Form by clicking HERE
  • Learn More
    We are glad you visited our website and we hope you will visit one of our campuses very soon and get to know us better. If you have additional questions about Trinity, please call the Trinity Baptist Church office (210-733-6201) or e-mail: